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Startup Saksham

We are a nascent start-up ecosystem and endeavors like SSIP are primarily trying to build a culture in the state. While the vision and intent to build a progressive ecosystem is set in place due to past two year efforts of SSIP and similar attempts, it’s imperative that we infuse necessary skills and aptitude to achieve it. Towards this goal, SSIP cell at Education department will launch a large scale capacity building programme for all range of stakeholders from individuals to institutions through various curated programs. We will involve best experts in the domain and build capacity of Innovators, Start-ups, Students, faculty members, leadership at institutes, Institutions, Enablers, Auxiliary stakeholder in the ecosystem.

The Capacity building/Saksham programme will be broadly as below

  1. Institutional capacity building
    • Pre incubation centers
    • Incubation centers in academia
    • SSIP Clubs
    • IP clubs
    • IP Facilitation centers (IPFC)
    • SSIP grantees
    • Regional Innovation and Start-up Centers and Fab labs
    • Robotic and allied labs at institutes
    • Centers like Advanced Technology Labs
    • Teams/Micro units at SSIP cell/i-Hub looking after flagship programs of SSIP
  2. Individual capacity building
    • Student Innovators
    • Student Start-ups
    • Growth Stage Start-ups
    • Faculty members involved in Innovation/Start-up efforts
    • SSIP Coordinators
    • IP cell coordinators
    • Leadership of Colleges and Universities
    • Pre Incubation and Incubation Managers
    • Ecosystem Enablers
    • Student Volunteers of SSIP Clubs

i-Hub and SSIP Cell at Education department will develop specific programmes with respect to above stakeholders and deliver round the year. We intend to develop strong culture at grassroots and hence building capacity of all stakeholders is imperative. Dedicated team at i-Hub will make strategy in consultation with expert organisations and individuals, develop the modules and execute in time bound manner. SSIP Cell at Education department will allocate annual resources for the above programs. Stakeholders across the value chain will be enabled with knowledge, tools and necessary exposure so that they can implement the mandate of SSIP policy in sustainable manner. Our goal is to develop internal capacity of all institutions in academia so that they develop processes and ecosystems at their place which can effectively harness creative pursuit of the youth. The SSIP Sakshyam initiative will also collaborate with various knowledge resource organisations while delivering the training.

Key Goals

  • Set up a dedicated team at I Hub, SSIP cell for effective implementation
  • Build capacity of minimum 5 faculty members of each SSIP Grantee in Innovation,IPR,Start-ups
  • Build capacity of at least 1 faculty member of each academic institute of higher learning on student innovation and entrepreneurship related domain
  • Build capacity of all SSIP Clubs ( minimum 5 days per year through direct FDPs)
  • Set up IP clubs/IPFC and train them
  • Train 1000 faculty members in IP and allied domains who will manage the IP clubs and IPFCs at campuses.
  • Quarterly capacity development programs for leadership at Universities and colleges
  • Set up and train pre incubation/incubation process across academia in Gujarat
  • Large-scale awareness programs for students every year, cover 10,000 students directly and around 200,000 through SSIP grantees
  • Fund /Support SSIP Sakshyam initiatives at SSIP grantees
  • Involve and train minimum 10 faculty members from Technical Education department who can help in executing each flagship programme under SSIP mandate. For example, Student open innovation challenge, Summer Innovation Challenge, Gujarat Industrial Hackathon etc.
  • Develop Human resources to run various programs of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and institution building
  • Develop SOP for each programme like Hackathon, Bootcamp, Demo day and various open innovation models and ensure sustainable execution with better efficiency in subsequent attempts
  • Partnership with national and state resource organizations who can assist in Start-up Saksham goal
  • Documentation, analysis of each attempt and improve the next attempts in the series
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