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Programs - Startup Clinic

Startup Clinic

Startups and Innovators can get mentored for their queries & challenges,so that experts and i-hub teams can address and guide the startups in their entrepreneurial journey. For getting started, kindly get registered on Click Here

Mentors willing to contribute their expertise utilising this program can express their interest following the guidelines.

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In the early stage of any startup it’s hard to avail various support for innovators/Start-ups from multiple sources as it increases its transaction cost. SSIP hub wishes to cater to this by having a dedicated programme called Strat-up Clinic. Through this programme various experts/service providers can be empaneled and linked with innovators/start-ups. SSIP Hub will empanel various experts/service providers/freelancers in below categories through Start-up Clinic programme:

  • Legal
  • Accounting and Company Affairs
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Start up entrepreneur (Peer motivator)

Once they are empaneled, the team at SSIP hub will arrange sessions/Interaction with a particular Start-up/Innovator or a group of Start-ups.

For Startups

What’s in it for Startups?

  • Easy access to Personalised mentorship from Domain Experts.
  • Technical expertise, industry level management & mentoring.
  • Get your ideas validated by domain experts

For Mentors

Role of Mentors:

  • Enable the start-up/innovator to take a step back and see the big picture
  • Opens doors for the innovator/start-up
  • Push the bar higher and help you deliver optimum result
  • Share his/her value system
  • Help the mentee to deliver value in a time bound manner.

Startups Clinic

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