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Startup Prashansa

SSIP has created wide range of incentives for innovators and start-ups. It has been seen that institutes across the states are now taking concrete measures to implement the policy mandate. Education department wish to benchmark the best performing Innovators/Start-ups, Institutions, Mentors, Enablers and other contributors Annually so that it will further evangelize the cause. Startup Prashansha will aim to become a most sought after stage/platform to get featured/felicitated in days to come. Both monetary and non-monetary awards/citations will given.

Awards Categories

  1. Student Start-ups
  2. Student Innovators
  3. Academic Institutions
    • Institute/College categories: Top 10 colleges
    • University categories: Best two universities in below sub categories
      1. Private University
      2. Deemed to be Universities/National Institutes/Domain specific single campus university
      3. State University

Nominations will be invited online every year. Nominations closed on April 28, 2019. Nomination will open in April 2020.

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