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Open Innovation and Market Access Opportunities for Technology Startups

Event Description

The webinar was organized to inspire the students to begin startups by sharing with them the stories of student's start-ups and innovations.

Date : 27-05-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Venue : Zoom Platform

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Ms. Kritika Murugesan

About Speaker : Ms. Murugesan is currently the Director 10000 Startups and Director IT Services and BPM at the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). 10000 startups is an initiative to scale up the startup ecosystem in India. NASSCOM is focused on building the architecture integral to the development of the IT BPM sector through policy advocacy, and help in setting up the strategic direction for the sector.


Open Innovation and Market Access Opportunities for Technology Start-ups

56th Startup Sathi Webinar organised by i-Hub dated 27th May, 2020

Speaker: Kritika Murugesan, Director, 10000 Startups NASSCOM

Moderator: Mr Hiranmay Mahanta, Director, GTU Innovation Council

Objective: How an open innovation can help start-ups, corporates and our ecosystem for leveraging value and how this chemistry works

Topics of discussion:

v  NASSCOM 10000 start-up is One of the initiative of national association for software companies. it brings the whole IT industry in one platform. Their focus is primarily IT tech product. Empowering Indian start-up eco system was the idea.

v  started this initiative in 2013. When we needed to create co-working space at subsidize rate where young team comes & works and grow their ideas.

v  Programmes they do:

·         Incubate

·         Womentechship

·         Virtual

·         Market access programme: NIPP (India’s largest industry-backed open innovation program)

v  Open innovation program: Every corporate or every company can’t create everything in house, if they try to solve every problem internally it takes much more time, so they have to open up their mind and think about outside ideas & start-up. This is not anything to do with merging, this is how do to adapt idea & new technology.

v  How do they built this engagement: taking the idea and co-create it with larger groups, it is important for us to learn the difference between how incubator & Accelerator run

·         Incubator Program: more horizontal

·         Accelerator Program: very deep dive & vertical

v  Innovation is how the corporate & start-ups are working with each other:

·         Now lot of corporate actively aware about how they want to engage with start-up

v  What exactly the open innovation program: corporate have Research & Development wings, open innovation mean that they are open to external parties, corporate is open to work with start-up. Global companies are more engaging with start-ups.

v  Opportunities in open innovation program

·         Platform Evangelization

·         Licence or vendor agreement

·         Joint Go to Market

·         Co Innovation

·         Building Tech Capabilities

·         Product Portfolio Expansion

·         Market Expansion

·         Acqui-Hiring

v  Big companies are looking to build tech capabilities through young start-ups, Large corporates has lots of process, it would take bit more time & sometimes new start-ups came with totally new solutions.

·         Sometime corporates don’t invest money & time to something which is already available in market

v  If a start-up providing existing solution they have made, then they are the owner of the IP of the solution, corporate are just another Clint for them when they both find a solution together, then the ownership will be shared.

v  Suggestions for academic incubators to build and strengthen their open innovation: Academic incubator have to collaborate more with the organisations like NASSCOM.

v  SSIP is working in pre incubation stage, it Is the policy to develop the start-up from idea to product.

v  In terms of MSME, the openness has been less, but its better now. It’s very important that our government has to look at our procurement policy. SSIP took a productive step in terms of procurement policy.

v  Gujarat Government has design very unique framework

·         Procurement framework for helping start-ups to pilot

·         Giving to give you a contract of certain level for demonstrating a capability

v  Start-up must have continuous engagement with government. open innovations will actually create more ways to nurture ecosystem.


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