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Future opportunities in Deep Technology

Event Description

Deeptech technology and its implication in various industry sectors specifically in India, and how it can help to in next level of your business or start-up.

Date : 21-04-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Venue : zoom platform

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Mr. Arijit Bhattacharya

About Speaker : Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Public Speaker (Since 2008), Business Matchmaking Expert, Artist, Author, Community Builder (Since 2010), Game Programmer (Since 1998 from legacy to latest game engines), Virtual Reality Specialist (Since 2006 from age of VRML to latest game engines), AI Evangelist (Since 2002), Blockchain Specialist (Since 2018 mainly in fintech, crypto and healthtech) & Globe Trotter. An entrepreneur since 1998, Arijit Bhattacharyya is founder of Virtualinfocom. Founder- animgaming, cosplayseller, Co-Founder-Sportszonein MD-virtualgamedeveloper, Founder Entrepreneursface. He is the creator of India's one of the first 3D games based on mythology and culture. R & D partner & creator of of Virtual Reality solution since 2001. He is creator of India’s one of the first Virtual Reality institute & lab. His expertise lies in the areas of International Business Development, Business Strategy, New Market Development, Risk Management, Market Entry, New Technology, Deeptech, Systems & Processes and Fund-raising. For the last several years Arijit is speaking in various national and international platform about Intellectual Property, Innovation, Cyber Security, game development, virtual reality, scale up business, wealth management, startup ecosystem and IP. Example: NEN, TiE, CII, China VR Film Festival, Game Show(Korea), Passion for game (Singapore), IIT EDC, IIM Innovation Lab, Digimation-UK etc. Achievements, Creation & Industry Involvement 1.Star Enterprise of the year 2011 award 2.Achievers and innovator award from Education Minister in 2012 3.Top 10 Asian company from Red Herring in 2012 4.One of the Judge for “Dare to be Digital” for the game development competition at UK. 5.Writer of Books on Animation and Game Development. 6.Creator of First Hindu Mythological Game Mahabharat. 7.Writer of comics such as Archer, Mahavir, Nutron, Haglu. 8.Creator of first Indian Gaming Club. 9.Started First Indian Cloud based Classroom on Mobile Apps, Animations, Game Development. First Indian Game Store on resources. 10.Advisory board and course content creator of two Animation college in South India. 11.Best game development institute in 2010 12.Creator of Tech-Art concept in India – CSR activity through which 36 odd family became Entrepreneur.


Future opportunities in Deep Technology

14th Startup Sathi Webinar organised by i-Hub dated 21st April, 2020

Speaker: Mr. Arijit Bhattacharya , Founder  Virtualinfocom 

Moderator: Piyalee Chattopadhyay , Executive Director, TiE Ahmedabad

Objective: Deeptech technology and its implication in various industry sectors specifically in India, and how it can help to in next level of your business or start-up.

Topics of discussion:

  • DeepTech

    • Story of AR (Augmented Reality) glass while driving a car.AR glass while driving a car asks on specific time if user is hungry, and give options based on food he like, search for the nearby food joint and order.AR Glass finding a data using user’s own Block chain signature. 

    • All the payment and food instructions given by AR glass itself, user just collect the food

    • In Post COVID19 era AI, ML, Virtual Reality, AR, are going to play significant role

    • Using gaming technology algorithm or API many applications can be addressed

    • Gaming character can represent future icons of couple of brands. Making brand active in this time, need participation from people

    • There are more than 300 app store, from where people can download gaming apps. Which stores and give data about people mindset, their choices and business strategy.

    • Many actors and actress converted into 3d characters, who look like exactly real.

    • When movie release it runs for few weeks and then rights have been sold to TV or other media. When games created on the movie runs last 4 years. And it has releasing footprint worldwide.

    • They have been approached by several brands to be their face, out of India.

    • Shaktiman character recreated by our team, with his look 30 years back.

    • Real-time connect with games happen when you use “Cosplay” with it.

    • Machine learning algorithm in games learning weather you have like or dislike about particular costume. Outfit of gaming character can be sold nearby store to you!

    • Virtual reality is different than simple plastic box and two glass. If you want real-time interaction with VR world, this is the product we created

    • This does not need Wi-Fi, it has all control on top buttons, with in built network and processor. You can have movement and motion capture options by wearing two rings.

    • New device call Extensive Reality (XR) device.

  • XR

    • We have built E-commerce platform floating with all character dresses and merchandise.

    • Through XR world, one can try dress on herself in different reality!

    • Travelling through rural part of India, where people have different handicraft skills, we reached out to this people and give them training, as giving back to society.

  • VR

    • VR Games have much more possibility beyond fighting and zombie games.

    • VR has application in training fighters, and military persons with exact kind of situations

    • It can also use in automotive industry, to teach people how to drive by simulating exact driving experience

    • VR utilized in Healthcare industry in various different way, to heal patient, to check up pre-surgery. This gives flexibility to experiment and learn for new challenges.

    • VR in construction, garments industry, leather, is being utilized where you can visualize pre-construction before going live in actual development

  • AR

    • AR (Augmented Reality) combines real world with 3D world. It can be highly utilized to check machine parts and product development 

    • AR in fashion industry helps various way too.

  • XR

    • Virtual reality in painting to create amazing artwork. This tech uses XR to such creation.

  • Blended AI, ML

    • Food Tech uses smart tea maker

    • Banking and Financial service where AI based chatbots are deployed in insurance

    • Fraud detection where MasterCard uses AI-based decision intelligence technology.

    • Similar way it has its footprint in Healthcare, retail and ecommerce, personalized medicine etc.

    • Telemedicine is example where this device uses to detect weather person infected with COVID19, to find the early detection.

  • Blockchain technology and IOT

    • With the help of data points and network whole team can have work from anywhere in the world.

    • Data points are protected by Blockchain technology and IOT

    • With the help of Blockchain, in University you can control and manage results, certificate rankings online with its unique key generation. Which gives flexibility to print certificate within fraction of second without going to uni in person.

    • Same way it applies for medical record, digital IDs, supply chain

    • IOT (Internet of Things) can be used various way to home automation, agriculture, healthcare with IoT solutions in very sophisticated manner

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