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How to create innovation and start-up ecosystem in campuses

Event Description

The main objective to organize the webinar is to know how to create the innovative and start-up ecosystem in the campus of higher and technical education institutions.

Date : 20-05-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Venue : Zoom Platform

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Vishwanathan Sahasranamam

About Speaker : Vish co-founded Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (CIBI), a DST (Govt. of India) catalysed TBI, jointly promoted by the Sakthi Group of Coimbatore, and hosted by KCT, Coimbatore. After having launched new products, businesses and startups, he has now taken up the challenge of launching new institutions with impact, development and global collaboration as core purposes. Vish founded FORGE with the vision to create & catalyse innovation powered enterprises that harness the power at the intersection of hardware, software, and computing technologies to solve real-world problems, creating economic gains and delivering social impact. He presently leads strategy, fund raising, entrepreneurship training, consulting & advisory programs, ecosystem operations, startup investments, alliances, and general management He serves startups as a Startup coach and consultant offering business advisory, strategic planning and execution support in the areas of Business (strategy, planning & models), Product (vision, strategy & management), Marketing (demand-gen, pricing, channels & branding) and Investments. He also offers planning and execution support to enable startups to transform their technologies and products into truly disruptive innovations by implementing a comprehensive managed innovation process spanning technology, product, business model, go-to-market, market development and business partnerships. He has worked for 8 years in the global telecommunications industry in technical sales and marketing, product management, strategic alliances, and business strategy when employed by global MNCs (Cisco, Nortel, Ericsson) with over 7 years of resident international work experience in USA, Canada, Sweden, Israel and China. Vish received his PGDM majoring in strategy, entrepreneurship and marketing from IIM-Bangalore in 2010, and his BE degree specializing in electronics and communications from CEG-Chennai in 2000.


                      “How to create innovation and start-up ecosystem in campuses”

                           49th webinar organised by ihub dated 20th may 2020

Speaker- Vishwanathan sahasranamam, CEO and Co-founder, Forge Accelerator 

Objective- The main objective to organize the webinar is to know how to create the innovative and start-up ecosystem in the campus of higher and technical education institutions. 

The effective implementation of an efficient ecosystem can be done while the use of digital transformation is maximizing at different stages. Also at student level, the transformation of their ideas into a product of market with the help of incubators should be fluent.

The points discussed by Shri Vishwanathan sahasranamam are as below.

  • The process of creating ecosystem in academia can be devided in two parts.

  • The first part is WHY? Why should we do this in academic level? to create a positive atmosphere we should change the concept into WHY NOT? Why not to implement the ecosystem in academic level?

  • The second part is what is the strategy? How will you implement the system?

  • The discussion on WHY?

  • The purpose and vision must be clear that why to implement the ecosystem in academic level?

  • To give more influence on the implementation of the system one must start thinking on the thing that WHY NOT?

  • The institution in higher and technical education must have the questions in a way that WHY NOT to consider the below things like,

  • Challenge conventional ways 

  • Fix if things isn’t broken

  • Question status quo 

  • Change the habits

  • Try new things 

  • What Covid-19 has done?

  • Exposed gap and weaknesses 

  • Back to basic 

  • Indigenous innovations 

  • Democratic opportunities 

  • Reduced barriers to adoption 

  • Economy slowdown and unemployment

  • What do we need to translate the opportunity into a reality ? (In other terms who we need to translate the opportunity into reality?

  • Innovators

  • Problem solvers 

  • Change agents 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Visionaries 

  • Indian Economy (Post covid-19)

 For India to emerge from covid-19 to exploit the opportunities we need the people who provide foster innovation, foster technology and foster entrepreneurship.

  • Why the digital transformation is needed?

  • Provide proper strategies 

  • Specific transformation

  • To get clear about the solutions needed at which level 

  • Exploitation of opportunities in health care with the help of digital transformation like,

  • Telemedicine 

  • Clinical data analysis

  • Mobile health 

  • Patient engagement 

  • Medical systems-diagnostics and therapeutic 

  • Output of higher and technical education sectors –

  • In the context of innovation we need to ask them all the WHY NOT questions as explained above.

  • The definition of the innovation should explain in a way to solve the real world problem, leading progress and maximize the use of technology. 

  • In the context of students the process of converting ideas to enterprises should be as

  1. Step-1 is define problem

  2. Step-2 Make prototype

  3. Step-3 invent a product

  4. Step-4 measure the profit 

  • Here the stage of conversion of problem ->prototype should be considered as stage-1 and it should be implemented at student’s level before they get their graduation completion.

  • Students must get taught that innovations should be taken into consideration by fulfilling the basic requirement as,

  • useful solutions 

  • Usable products 

  • Deployable 

  • Technically feasible

  • Innovations in commerce/literature/arts fields 

  • Creative ideas must be there 

  • For commerce field business process and business modes can get innovated 

  • Collaborating work is appreciated.

  • Innovation can be understood like, Innovation for employability and innovation for skill enhancement leads to Innovation for entrepreneurship.

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