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M2M Herbal & Ayurveda Innovation Challenge

About M2M Herbal & Ayurveda Innovation Challenge

M2M Herbal & Ayurveda Innovation Challenge initiative will help us to develop a responsive eco-system to connect the youth of India and empower them to contribute with their ideas, energy, and technical prowess to serve the national interest and enhance the power of herbal and Ayurveda of our great nation.


Sr. No. Statement Action
1 Test Strips for Heavy Metal Identification
2 Development and validation of Ayurvedic prepation for as treatment of Epilepsy
3 Ayurvedic formulations/extracts in treatment/management of viral/hemorrhagic fever
4 Ayurvedic formulations in effective management of Parkinson’s disease
5 Novel Dosage Formulation for Gastritis/Hyperacidity
6 Herbal remedy for memory enhancing/Focused attention/ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder)
7 Herbal Treatments/formulations for Burn treatment (Agnidaha)
8 Ayurvedic formulation in prevention and cure of mastitis
9 Herbal preservatives an interminable requirement
10 Insomnia a new world nightmare
11 Development of Herbal Antiseptic Wound Closure Spray
12 Development and formulation of Ayurvedic blood thinning agents/Thrombolytic agents
13 Nano formulations of vitamin D/E
14 Ayurvedic formulations for effective management of Alzheimer's disease
15 Modern dosage form of Kwath
16 Herbal treatment for Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
17 Ayurveda for deaddiction
18 Ayurvedic/Herbal formulations for treatment of Lipoma
19 Ayurvedic mood stabilizer/antidepressants
20 Pulmonary delivery of Herbal drugs for Asthma/Bronchitis
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