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M2M Energy Challenge

About M2M Energy Challenge

M2M Energy Challenge initiative will help us to develop a responsive eco-system to connect the youth of India and empower them to contribute with their ideas, energy, and technical process to serve energy requirements of the country. We aim to bring in a revolution in the Energy Sector. Below provided is the list of problem statements for the Energy Sector.


Sr. No. Statement Action
1 Multipurpose Operating rod for Lineman
2 MCCB with Remote Operation Facility (Smart MCCB) for Power Distribution Network
3 Que management system for DISCOM Offices
4 Lineman Tool Vest
5 The high voltage detecting Helmet with Audio and LED illumination
6 LED work light for Lineman
7 Plug & Play type Transformer Energy Auditing Device
8 Battery/ Petroleum fuel operated Telescopic Tree branches cutter (Pole chainsaw)
9 Phase Identification tool for HV and LV overhead and underground Lines
10 Universal modem for 1 Ph meter
11 Overhead/Underground line Fault Detector(Give distance)
12 Earthing Rod for short all the three conductor with fabrication
13 Dust proof coating/ glass on solar panel
14 Converting non-communicable FPI to communicable FPI
15 Pole Climbing Device (Universal)
16 Depth/distance sensing instrument
17 Cost effective Insulation Paint
18 New Design of LA for HV distribution system
19 Universal Smart Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure
20 Consumer Complaint Tracking, Assigning and monitoring mechanism
21 Public feedback information and suggestion for power utility systems
22 Real Time Centralized Monitoring of Utility Vehicle tracking Systems
23 Require tool for tracking the LTMD/HT/Any other consumer installation Checking monitoring systems
24 Flexible thin material hand gloves for HV
25 Adjustable and flexible ladder usable for 2 wheelers
26 Low Loss Conductor
27 Tractor for multiple use Like Pole Erection, Digging, Tree cutting, Lifting the Man Power etc
28 FRP Pole without Pin insulator and any hardware
29 New PSC Pole Design
30 Consumer power availability device( Like if any home power supply gone automatically SDN knows the power failure of consumer)
31 Smart Checking Vehicle(Use in Vigilance Checking Drive)
32 Pole Movement Monitoring
33 Compact and Touch proof MSP/FSP/Busbar with earthing facility for Underground System
34 Device to test the ELCB/MCB Working
35 Power generation through Step(In our offices lots of people Visit)
36 Battery operated Conductor stringing device
37 New Connection through Mobile Application (Estimate issue within minutes)
38 GPS based Mobile Application for Meter reading and route trace of meter reader
39 Communicate system between consumers and utility offices for power interruption.
40 Tariff benefit to consumer at the time of excess power generation in system.
41 Live line detector with communication support
42 Line Clear(LC) Monitoring System
43 Load balancing transformer
44 Mobile Application of Material testing and quality check
45 New Design of Pin insulator (No need to Binding)
46 Remote current measuring device
47 Transformer Tracking System
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